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There are some amazing products out there that will help sharpen your game. Learn how to calculate the odds. Learn which cards to keep. Become the pro that you know is inside you and make some extra cash doing it.

Here are the poker software packages that we highly recommend, whether you're a beginning or working your way to pro!

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Texas Calculatem

The Original is the still the Best! Texas Calculatem™ was the first major poker odds calculator to make a splash on the online Texas Holdem poker scene. Thousands of poker players every month continue to make Texas Calculatem™ their odds calculator of choice, and now you can make tons of money promoting it. With Texas Calculatem™, players get hand odds and easy to understand betting advice. Texas Calculatem™ is the perfect poker aid for players of all levels!

Holdem Winner

The top poker software that assists players by calculating probabilities and making recommendations. Choose which two cards to play and how to play them, rank your pocket cards at every round and get recommendations on how to play them, get a list of 2-card pockets that beat yours at every step of the game and enter hypothetical future cards and see how they affect your winning percentages. This and so much more...

Poker Sidekick

Texas Holdem Poker Expert system teaches how to win at Texas Holdem poker by monitoring your online play (e.g., Poker Stars, Party Poker, etc.), and guiding you through how best to play each hand. Includes the relative strength of starting hands, statistical odds of hands, yours and opponents potential hands and probabilities, recommendations on how to bet and play to win the most!




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